JH76: Homeschooling Difficult Teens with Dachelle McVey


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In today’s episode, I am chatting teenagers and their transition to adulthood with Dachelle McVey. Teens can be rough. VERY rough. And I feel we lack mentors in how to parent teens. Many people are ready to give advice when it comes to babies, toddlers, and even young school-agers.

But teens? No one wants to go there. And I think it is because we don’t feel very confident in how we are parenting our teenagers. They mess up. We mess up. And we all wonder whether or not we are doing things the right way.

And we just don’t talk about it. But, today, we are changing that. Dachelle gets real, she gets raw, she shares her mistakes, her failures, what she did right, and what she would do differently.

Dachelle is a working homeschooling mom of 3 in the South. She is the owner of HideTheChocolate.com, a blog about her adventures in homeschooling and parenting. She is also the author of dozens of online book clubs for kids from preschool to high school at her site Literary Adventures for Kids. You can often find her reading a good book (or even sometimes just an okay book) and enjoying a jar of Nutella — don’t judge. ;)

If you are parenting teens, feel like a failure at this whole motherhood thing, or are just nervous about one-day having teens, don’t miss this episode! It will help you have more joy in your homeschool. I guarantee it!

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