039 - Tears For Fears - Raoul & The Kings Of Spain (1995) (with Phil Fleming)


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What was it that wrecked new wave legends Tears For Fears' winning streak of hit records and singles since their inception in the 1980s? Was it the tension between founders Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith that grew to a fever pitch until their split in the early 90s? Was it the bad energy left behind by their former manager, who mishandled and embezzled finances via the agency that represented Tears For Fears until declaring bankruptcy, and eventually being incarcerated in 2004? Was it general frustration surrounding the album's release, brought on by a confusing jump in labels midway through promotion that forced their 5th album to be delayed an entire year before seeing the light of day?
All of these different factors almost certainly played into the commercial disappointment and critical failure of 1995's Raoul & The Kings Of Spain, the second album from Tears For Fears after Curt Smith's departure. Intended to be an introspective reflection on Roland Orzabal's own Spanish heritage, Raoul was instead dismissed as overly pretentious at best and boring at worst. Tears For Fears would not release a follow-up for nearly a decade afterwards. (After Smith's return to the project)
Is Raoul & The Kings Of Spain truly worthy of the derision it endured? Lilz and Patrick aim to find that out on the latest Jukebox Zeroes. They're joined by returning guest Phil Fleming of WMFO radio program On The Town With Mikey Dee to listen track-by-track and find some solace in Orzabal's bizarre metaphors.
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