EB Sanders on Designing a Joyful and Meaningful Career


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In this episode, I’m overjoyed to have EB Sanders joining me to talk about her work as a career coach, and how to design a career and a life that works for you. She has an amazing background of being a teacher, then a staffing and recruiting professional, and now she is a full time career coach helping creative people discover work that makes them happy. EB and I hit it off from the moment we said hello, and it was such a treat getting to pick her brain about how people design a career, as both a full time employee in a corporation, or as an entrepreneur.

In this episode, EB Sanders and I talk about:

  • Her joys of creating a book about being strong as a little girl
  • Working with creative people to help them get to the next level of whatever they are working on in their lives
  • The various definitions of what it means to be creative, from engineers to CPAs, to those trained in the traditional arts
  • Her road to becoming a business coach: from teaching, to staffing and recruiting, to coaching
  • How people approach wanting to change careers, or look for something new in their job, and what else is usually going on in their lives
  • Being creative is not being lazy
  • Taking a nap can be a creative reboot
  • Why keeping a salaried job may be the best choice for you
  • Why being challenged at work is so key to your enjoyment
  • How defined roles and responsibilities play a role in your job satisfaction
  • Defining your values to help lead the way in discovering what you want and need from a job
  • How to have the difficult conversations you need to have, to keep a healthy working environment alive (and why it’s not just up to management to create that environment)
  • How to turn around a toxic working environment yourself
  • How to structure a successful one on one meeting with your manager or supervisor
  • Don’t shy away from doing whatever feels easy for you
  • How to jumpstart your joy: petting puppies, listening more than you talk, and “eat the ice cream”

Resources EB Sander’s Website Use the code “FRIENDFAM” to get 15% off any of EB’s programs EB Sanders on Instagram The Artists Way by Julia Cameron on Amazon

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