Episode 104 - This Is Gonna Sound Stupid, But I'm Gonna Say It Anyways


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If ever there was a fitting show title, this is it. Leave it to Geoff to throw down that gem of a line. We cover pretty much everything in this show, as every sport was showcased in some way this week. We got down to the quarterfinals in World Cup, with some shocking endings. The BC Lions laid an egg in Edmonton - was it a one off or a sign of things to come? In case you haven't noticed, the fourth best team in baseball is in Seattle. Is it time to start getting excited about the Mariners? Did you know Wimbledon started?

Of course what everyone really cares about the start of free agency in the NHL. We dissect the pros and cons of the Canucks signings, and how it may impact the prospects roster chances. We also admit how wrong we were with the John Tavares decision. Does this make the Leafs a serious contender? (Spoiler alert: no) We even talk a little NBA with the LeBron James move, including our already cemented prediction for league champions in 2019. All this plus our best and worst in Garbage Time!

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