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A collaborative culture in the workplace is becoming a foreign concept. We all strive for innovation and creation, right? But we forget that building relationships with coworkers is an essential piece of a business's success. Jason Treu joins us to discuss the importance of building relationships within your team—and how to do it efficiently.

Jason Treu has worked with some of the biggest names in business, from Mark Cuban to Steve Jobs. He has been a coach for over a decade, helping 30,0000+ people reach significant change and breakthroughs in their business. If you’re ready to build a more cohesive and thriving team, listen to this episode of Just the Tips!

Outline of This Episode
  • [2:00] Jason Treu and the importance of relationships
  • [6:00] Every successful venture involves a team
  • [8:25] Building a relationship begins with trust
  • [10:35] Reliability, sincerity, competency, and caring
  • [16:35] Develop personal “manuals” to share
  • [19:15] Cards against Mundanity
  • [22:10] Why don’t people connect?
  • [23:40] How do you weave this into an organization?
  • [28:10] How do you introduce this to your team?
  • [32:00] Meaningful work and meaningful relationships
  • [32:30] Connect with Jason
Any successful venture begins with a team

“Team-building” is a phrase and practice that is thrown around but seldom understood. Many just roll their eyes, or shudder at the thought of team-building. Or it evokes a desire to call in sick to work that day. What people don’t understand is how important building relationships with your team truly is.

You want to get the most out of your team to give your business a competitive advantage, right?

To do that, you must cultivate a team of people that aren’t just indifferent coworkers—they need to care about each other. The reality is that you need your team working efficiently and effectively, which means working through disagreements and differences of opinion quickly.

Jason talks about the importance of building teams who care about each other and shares some personal stories. Keep listening!

What is the number one thing you must prioritize?

Dean and I agree with Jason here—you need to build trust with your team. You have to build rapport and feel safe with each other. If you don’t completely trust someone, you can’t take a leap of faith together! Trust doesn’t happen accidentally. To build trust you must be sincere, reliable, competent, and caring.

Jason believes that of all those qualities, caring is the most important.

If you’re reliable and do your job well, but show no outward signs of caring about your coworkers, they won’t trust you. Building trust requires something that very few of us equate with the workplace: being vulnerable.

We don’t know how to cultivate that in the workplace, don’t do it consistently, or don’t do it in groups. So how do you change that? Keep listening for some of Jason’s tips!

Applying Arthur Aron’s research to build a collaborative culture

Arthur Aron conducted some pioneering research in the field of intimacy and interpersonal relationships. He found that 36 questions discussed between two people in a 45 minute time period could accelerate intimacy—the type of intimacy usually developed over time in deep friendships.

Jason took this research and began implementing it in his coaching process. What ensued was like watching a reality tv show.

People began to open up in ways that he never expected. The experiment served to break down barriers and open up lines of communication. People discussed deeply personal issues and over a short period of time, built relationships that usually take years to develop.

Jason pointed out that 66% of start-ups fail because of people-problems. So what if you could erase those problems by building teams that care about each other?

How to introduce the concept into your company culture

Many successful people have an innate ability to easily build relationships with other people. But they struggle with teaching others how to emulate their process. So what’s the secret sauce? What are some practical ways we can implement this in our own businesses?

  • “How to work with me” manuals: instead of trying to predict and analyze new additions to a team, who don’t we just ask questions? How do they communicate? What is the best way to approach them with hard conversations? What helps them get out of a bad mood? Develop 10-question “manuals” that help people get to know the basics about each other.
  • Cards against Mundanity: A fun play off of Cards Against Humanity that Jason developed utilizing Arthur Aron’s research. Get your team together, and ask some questions to foster a deeper understanding and connection with each other.

Stop looking at your coworkers in a transactional way. If your teams are struggling to work together, perhaps they need to find some common ground. Implementing relationship-building activities is one of the best ways to build a collaborative culture.

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