Master Customer Engagement Through a Personalized Content Experience, with Randy Frisch, Ep. 122


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What is a content experience? How does it apply to entrepreneurs? Customer engagement is a driving force that leads to sales and our marketing needs to be on-point to remain competitive. So how do we focus on customer engagement through the content we create? Randy Frisch joins us in this episode of Just the Tips to educate us on creating customer experiences through content.

Randy is the CMO and Co-Founder of Uberflip and a best-selling author. He is an expert in content experience and using content to connect with customers, drive demand, and increase your revenue. His focus is on how to deliver content targeted to a specific audience to generate results. Don’t miss this evocative episode!

Outline of This Episode
  • [2:30] I introduce our guest, Randy Frisch.
  • [3:30] Creating a Content Experience
  • [7:10] How did Randy get into this field?
  • [10:40] How to deliver personalized content
  • [14:30] Marketing is a balance between art and science
  • [16:35] Randy’s Content Experience framework
  • [24:30] Where do you focus your content?
  • [27:00] The best approach to curated content
Great content doesn’t necessarily equate to great sales

Great content is important, but it isn’t always a driving factor for sales. Everyone knows that valuable content is essential. Because of that, everyone and their mother are producing great content. The ‘If you build it they will come’ mentality is outdated and no longer a viable option to lean on.

Customers expect that you will deliver content curated for them.

Randy uses the example of Netflix—when you login, they propose suggestions just for you (based on your history). Spotify delivers the same user experience with playlist suggestions. Randy’s premise is that we need to stop creating content without a strategy. It needs to be hand-picked for a specific audience. We need to create an experience that feels like it’s just for them.

Organize content based on how your audience is searching

The needs and interests of your audience need to be taken into consideration. How do you answer their questions? What is their intent behind a Google search? We need to stop producing content and start producing stellar content based on what our audience desires.

Randy points out that devices—such as Alexa—answer questions by pulling answers from the #1 search result.

If all of these devices are excluding all results other than the #1 slot, it’s a huge problem. #2 is no longer good enough. So you need to begin to analyze buyer intent, what questions they’re asking, and how you can best answer those questions to rank #1 and sell your product.

Randy’s Content Experience Framework

Randy has a 5-step framework that he believes will help you narrow down your focus and deliver a quality content experience:

  1. Centralization: Blog posts, videos, infographics, etc. need to be able to be found in one location—your website. Not just scattered across social media platforms.
  2. Organization: Tag your content so that it can easily be found in a search, internally by your team and externally by users.
  3. Personalization: Build a user experience by creating collections of your content, with personalized messaging, images, and more. Build a customer journey.
  4. Distribution: How do you get in front of your audience? Email, ads, social media must link back to your binge-worthy content.
  5. Generate Results: If you’re distributing content that is valuable to your customer base, and you’ve engaged them, you should generate sales results.

We talk about Randy’s framework in detail in this episode, be sure to listen to the whole thing! Further resources are linked below.

Stop driving traffic away from your channels

Obviously, you want to be on the channels where your audience is (Facebook, Instagram—you get the drift). Randy insists that you stop entertaining your customers on channels that you don’t own. For example, YouTube is designed to keep the user on their platform. Not only do they suggest videos to keep you watching, but they may even market the content of a competitor!

What if you directed that traffic directly to your site and retained the audience?

Do not direct traffic away from your website to a different platform. The customer will get lost in the social media funnel and in most cases, forget that they navigated to your site. If you utilize social media—you need to—have a strong call-to-action to drive customers to a content experience designed just for them.

Randy, Dean and I continue to discuss where to focus your content, the best approach for content creation, and the difficulty of podcasts.

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