Making Changes for a Healthier Lifestyle with Robin Thomas


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Thinking of making a switchover in diet, food choices, or a new plan altogether sometimes seem daunting. Going "raw" or even simple changes, can seem to be an impossible task sometimes. "Where to begin," what steps t take -- and how to maintain these changes are huge decisions facing anyone wanting to make these lifestyle changes, especially in light of all that surrounds us in the world of food, labels, availability, and crazy-busy lifestyles.
This show focuses on the how-to's of making these lifestyle changes, with great tips, ideas and encouragement, from special guest healthy lifestyle advocate Robin Thomas, who has made these changes in her family's diet as well. She spent over 20 years in medical research, and is an avid educator to encourage folks to take simple, healthy lifestyle steps to improve and maintain their health and the health of their family.
Join Robin Thomas and host Becky Cortino as they discuss healthy lifestyle strategies, ideas, and tips to help you make the lifestyle changes for a healthier life!
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