S. 2, Épisode 9: « Le mal-être et le bien-être existent l’un dans l’autre. » (RIP dearest Mient Jan)


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RIP dear Mient Jan. Here is an extract from the press release, following what I am saying already in the podcast:

Solidarity with victims of wartime violence
In the 1990s, Faber supported peace activists and victims of wartime violence and dictatorships in numerous countries. He paid frequent visits to Yugoslavia and its successor countries, the southern Caucasus, Palestine and Iraq. He worked with other like-minded people on proposals for political solutions to stop violence and lay the foundations for democracy and human rights. As early as the autumn of 1991, he advocated for a strong international intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina, months before war broke out. IKV was in favour of the Netherlands taking part in the UN mission in Srebrenica, but also warned against the destructive power of ethnic nationalism.
Faber was therefore highly critical of the political and military leadership when it came up short in July 1995 and Dutchbat failed to prevent Srebrenica, which had been declared a UN safe area, from being captured by the Bosnian Serbs. In just a few days, the Serbs murdered more than 8,000 men and boys, as well as a small number of women. Immediately after these horrifying events, Faber and other IKV staff sought contact with the survivors of the genocide. They promised support for the survivors’ ‘campaign for truth and justice’, but the Dutch government and parliament in The Hague were not interested in serious contacts. At the request of the survivors, IKV brought UN interpreter Hasan Nuhanovic and Alma Mustafic, the daughter of Dutchbat electrician Rizo Mustafic, into contact with the lawyer Liesbeth Zegveld. After a struggle lasting more than a decade, they won their civil lawsuit against the State of the Netherlands: Dutchbat should never have sent their relatives off the compound where they were safe.

In 2002, a conflict arose between Mient Jan Faber and the IKV board about the war in Iraq. Faber stepped down from his position as general secretary in 2003. In 2004, he became a professor at VU University Amsterdam, where he held the chair in Citizens’ Involvement in War Situations, funded by IKV, until 2012. He was also a visiting professor at the University of Houston in the US. He enjoyed teaching students, who found his lessons and the many debates extremely inspiring. Faber wrote five books: one about Srebrenica and four in which he gave a lively account of his childhood, his experiences in the peace movement, his philosophy and motivation to work for peace.

Mient Jan Faber was 81. He is survived by a wife, two daughters and five grandchildren.

Dans cet épisode, nous abordons également le tarot de "Shamanic medicine" de Barbara Meiklejohn-Free et Flavia Kate Peters, ainsi que la fin du chapitre 5 de l’ouvrage « Prendre soin de l’enfant intérieur » que nous avons commencée à quelques jours du passage de vie à trépas du Maître Thich Nhat Hanh le 22 janvier 2022. Bonne écoute !

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