Spoiler Alert: The Most Valuable 21st-Century Skill We Needed To Teach and Learn Is Not What We Expected


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Remember when we were consumed with teaching the skills that would be needed in the future? Well, what 21st-Century skill is more valuable than the ability to talk constructively about the brave new world we're all trying to figure out and navigate daily? Join us as we travel the globe looking for people who can teach us how to discuss the things that matter most, in ways that don’t end with a black eye, a 911 call, or being unfollowed.

Tony Pingitore is a father, husband, teacher, counselor, and a highly respected community organizer in Ohio. His state is home to a large population of "red people" who are struggling with the changes sweeping the country. Tony spends his days navigating the hard lines that divide us and has personally witnessed the damage the relentless conflict is having on friends family, and organizations.

Errol St.Clair Smith is a 30-year veteran of traditional media, an Emmy-winning correspondent, and the executive producer at BAM Radio Network. Errol spends his days listening to educators navigate increasingly sensitive topics in an attempt to maintain their authenticity and integrity, without doing damage to their professional relationships or careers. Errol Lives in California with his wife, daughter, and a large population of "blue people."

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