Kabbalah & Jewish Mysticism with Rav Dror


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Kabbalah & Jewish Mysticism with Rav Dror So, what's the point? You now understand all the numeral values of every word in the hebrew language, from Hashem to Moshiach to Satan. (God to Messiah to the Devil). What are you doing with all of this wisdom though? Are you sitting around with your gematria calculator trying to predict whether the 2016 elections with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will cause the final redemption (geula) to start? Or are you learning the lesson's that it's teaching you to become a better person, to grow, to work on your attributes, and to become kinder. The torah is supposed to help us build a relationship with God, and we need to use it for that purpose. Anyone can memorize information, but only some people use the information to take it to their heart and change for the better.

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