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Ross is back on the podcast as he and Steven navigate their way to Solgell Island, following the signal of a mysterious brainwave. What awaits them? Extreme weather, giant invertebrates, and the heir to the King of the Monsters - it can only be Son of Godzilla on the Kaijusaurus Podcast. Show Notes - Thanks to @nuclear-warrior?, @bretlowski?, @mekagojira3k?, and @bluskreem? for submitting their thoughts and opinions on the film. - …and apologies to @blackeye15?, whose comments I forgot to read pout on the episode. Their submission follows: Son of Godzilla is on the lower end of Godzilla movies for me. Like Ebirah I appreciate a few things it does better as an adult but I think it’s still a weaker film. I have never been a big fan of Minya, I think we should keep him out, I do love Godzilla Jr. to be clear. I will admit I love the fire-breathing lesson scene and the final shot of Godzilla holding Minya. Other than that can’t really stand the little creature. I always figured Godzilla was adopting the little radioactive toad so I wondered why everyone was arguing about it over the internet when I was a kid. Apparently Nakajima considers Godzilla female which I’m totally okay with to be honest A creature named Godzilla is most certainly one of the few beefs I have with 1998’s Godzilla. Here’s the bits I’ve always loved as a kid: Kamacuras. It was super fun giving Godzilla a bunch of mook monsters he can easily tear apart rather than one equally strong monster. I keep hoping some day Toho has Godzilla fighting a swarm of them. I now appreciate the complicated marionette systems used for Kamacuras and Kumonga. None the less I think the end fight just drags on far too long at a poor pace. Kumonga shoots web! Godzilla shoots fire! Not very effective. Now Kumonga is on Godzilla! Now…nothing is happening until Minya shows up, though combo-attack was cool. It’s not really a bad Godzilla movie, it really isn’t ,it’s just kind of middle of the road and I’m very Minya biased. My favorite shot is when the Kamacuras are marching past the tower and two people are hiding, fantastic shot! I think Ebirah was more my ideal Godzilla on a jungle island adventure. - Due to the increasing length of the episodes, we will be curbing the length of listener submissions from here on out. More information on this will follow soon.

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