Case Eighteen: Relationships & Yoga


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A yoga student seeks Kalila's help because she has no more verbal filters. Clarence attends his first Grimmer & Daughters community support meeting.

Kalila Stormfire's Economical Magick Services is written and produced by Lisette Alvarez (they/them). Kalila and her Shadow are both played by Lisette Alvarez. Janelle Grimmer is played by Anairis Quinones (she/her). Clarence Twinner is played by Karim Kronfli (he/him). Cixin Chen is played by Bree Page (she/her). Amad Khan is played by A.J. Beckles (he/him). Desiree Onasis is played by Zayn Thiam (they/them). This episode was edited by Sarah Buchynski (she/her).

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