How to Make A Vision Board That Actually Works (5 Steps)

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How to Make A Vision Board That Actually Works
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This post and podcast/vlog came from a recent Facebook live I did on “How to make a vision board that actually works”

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It’s a new year, and I, like many of you, am reflecting on what went right last year…. And what didn’t. And, I’m starting to dream of what I’d like to create in next.

As soon as I start to get a clear idea of what I’d like to do, be, and have in the coming year, I get busy creating my vision (or dream) board.

I’m old school and like to hang a physical poster board of images on my wall to remind me of everything I want to manifest. This year I’m planning on printing images from the web or Pinterest, as I don’t subscribe to many physical magazines anymore. But you can clip out your faves if that’s what you love and you have the supplies. Or, digital is cool too!

However you decide to create your vision board, these tips will help you design one that actually works.


Dream big! And Specifically.

The universe loves clarity! So the more specific you can be, the better.

Are you manifesting more money? How much and why that amount? How would having it make you feel? That last bit is especially important, you’ll see why in a moment.

Are you manifesting better relationships? What type of people do you want to attract into your life? Why would having them around benefit you? What do you envision yourself doing together? Are you getting married? Getting coffee? Hanging on the beach? Meeting up for mom play dates? Date nights with your romantic partner? Paint a clear picture of hanging with people you love to be around.

What about your career goals? Do you see yourself in a specific job? What do you do there? What do you wear? What’s your work space like? What is your boss/partner like? Do you have any or are you the boss? The more details the better!

What about your health goals? If you want to eat better, what will your new diet be like? If you want to exercise what classes will you take? What equipment will you use? Will you go to the gym, work out outdoors, or at home?

What about your spiritual goals? Will you meditate more? What will your meditation space and routine be like? Will you go on any retreats? What kind? Where? With who? Are you looking for a new teacher to guide you? What would you like them to help you with most? What kind of person are you seeking?

The clearer you can answer these questions, the more effective your manifesting will be. And, the easier it will be for you to include images on your vision board that truly represent exactly what you want to create and experience.


Be honest about what you want. Don’t post any images of goals that aren’t really yours. Or that feel superficial and general. For example, I’m sure we’d all love a tropical vacation. But seriously, do you want to travel next year? How far? To where?

Maybe this is your year to stay home and raise kids or work on your career. So, if you’re honest with yourself, you know you aren’t interested in traveling the world. But, maybe you’d love a short trip to a well-loved getaway spot close to home.

Put that on your vision board instead of the beach on the other side of the globe.

Or, if you know you want to get far away, cool! Put that on there instead.

I’m not here to tell you what to want. That’s up to you. But, get honest with yourself. What do you really want and how bad do you want it?


Focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want anymore.

You don’t want your vision board to say things like “get out of debt”, or anything that emphasizes the experience you no longer want to have.

Here’s why: When you look at your vision board, you want to be able to imagine yourself having everything you dream of.

You may truly want to be debt free, but when you look at the phrase “get out of debt”, you’re reminded that you have debt. Then your thoughts naturally shift to your debt, and lack. Which means, you’ll starst manifesting more debt and lack.

What to do instead: post images and phrases like “financially free” or “abundant” or better yet, a specific dollar amount you’d like to see reflected in your bank account. That number means, you have made more than enough to pay off all debts and still have that amount left over.

So your focus is on the experience of having more than enough. And, the experience of having what you do want, not what you don’t.


Don’t overdo it. Keep your vision board neat and clean. I’m not into the collage style vision boards that seem too cluttered to be able to focus in on any one goal.

So pick just your top few goals for your vision board, and don’t add anything that you aren’t going to actively work towards having, or spend time visualizing and planning around.

Or, better yet, create multiple vision boards for different purposes.

Have a vision board for your career or finances in your office. Have a vision board for your health goals in your kitchen or workout space. Keep your vision board for your relationship goals in your bedroom or private bathroom. Keep a vision board for your spiritual goals in your meditation space.

And keep the content of each focused on only the goals that relate to that vision board.


Visualize your dreams coming true and cultivate the emotion of having everything you want as if it has already happened.

This final step is the most important, and the key to making your vision board actually work.

After you create the vision board, you need to actually use it. You can’t just hang it and forget it.

Every time you walk past your vision board, take a few minutes to stand in front of it and call to mind the mental picture of your future self having and experiencing everything on that board one item at a time.

And, most importantly, take time to cultivate the emotional feeling of the experience as if it is happening right now.

The universe responds primarily to your emotions. So as you feel it, you being to attract it. It’s the emotional vibration that kicks off the law of attraction manifesting process.

As soon as you feel yourself smiling, and joyful, your manifestation is set into motion. And, you can be sure that the physical real life experience is soon to follow.

So watch the video below to hear me explain these steps more fully and to see how I created my vision board this year… then have fun making your vision boards. Dream big and have a great new year!


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