Cosmic Weather Reports: How to Connect the Dots & Energize Our Lives with Shannon Hugman


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Conversation with Shannon Hugman

We talk about:

  • What Shannon does and how she understands her work as “cosmic meteorologist”, as cosmic weather-forecaster
  • Energetic astrology as a way to talk about and understand life
  • Astro basics: What are star signs, sun signs, archetypes and themes? (we all know the 12 star signs from our horoscope)
  • popular understandings of astrology and why we are not only “our” star sign but a combination of all twelve signs
  • celestial bodies as archetypes for feelings and emotions and a way to relate to life
  • Shannon’s “open” and empowering approach to astrology: helping people to establish their own relationship to cosmic energies and to come to their own conclusions
  • How understanding current planetary energies can help us learn from past mistakes
  • Where and how to start your journey into the cosmic energies (hint: mark the next full moon/new moon in your calendar!)
  • “The Art of Astrology” as your step-by-step guide into individual chart reading and learning how energetic astrology can help you live better!
  • The potential this time right now holds
  • Pluto in Capricorn and what this constellation can mean for global systems of power (think revolution!)
  • Truth & chicken nuggets: 2020 as pivot time
  • Coming back to the power we have within us: “You are your own diamond!”
  • Key terms to embody this season: self-responsibility, sovereignty, self-reliance

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