Freedom Lifestyle and a Baby: You Can Have Both with Sofie Red


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Freedom Lifestyle Edition

We talk about:

  • strategic travel planning with a baby
  • tips for traveling with a baby and why you need a lot less than you think you do
  • the surprising baby stuff Sofie is carrying with her
  • Sofie’s secret to downsizing and living minimalist and free
  • thoughts on consumerism & the re-evaluation of what you possess
  • minimalist luggage
  • motivation for her freedom lifestyle
  • what getting out of the 9-to-5 grind has gotta do with unlearning what we’ve been taught
  • why she doesn’t want to put her son into school
  • how to make the switch from 9-5 to a more freedom-filled life & the mindset of traditional education vs. new work
  • trusting the life you wanna live
  • community & the role it plays in raising her child
  • being a full-time mum with part-time work hours: managing baby, online business and travel
  • health & nutrition: what Sofie experienced and is now teaching: going beyond what you think is healthy & establishing new habits, in her case: quitting coffee!

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