Freedom Through the Power of Thoughts with Dr. Laura Hughes


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Freedom Lifestyle Edition

Here’s the first Freedom Lifestyle Edition of 2021 for you – opening up with my friend, life coach, advocate of natural wellbeing, and speaker of truth and freedom Dr. Laura Hughes. Laura and I met a couple years ago and since then we've been in touch, sharing our passion for empowered living. I've been meaning to have her on my podcast for a while – and here she finally is!

This episode is a continuation of the previous episodes of my podcast discussing freedom and exploring it in these extreme times of outer restrictions and what – hopefully! – turns out to be true change.

We're gonna explore the field of the mind: talking freedom & the power of thoughts – based on the truth that we all have the power to create a better life for ourselves when we choose consciously: be it our actions, our attitude or our thoughts.

This might be even more important these days, where to a lot of us the situation with Covid, the lockdown, and being deprived of our social encounters can feel depressing, de-motivating or even disempowering. It’s crucial that we become aware of our mind power and potential to create positive change, momentum and freedom, so we can ultimately cerate a new and more fulfilling reality.

We talk about:

  • Laura’s own freedom story and why she put down her naturopathic medical license
  • Her definition of freedom: “Freedom is knowing that in any given moment I can change my life.”
  • What we think a free life looks like and why we might end up somewhere completely different
  • The connection between our thoughts and our emotions
  • Rewiring our brain
  • The power of sitting with negative emotions
  • Feeling enough & searching for the thing that will make us happy
  • Thought work: Laura’s own experience + how we can shift and change our beliefs
  • The reality of different realities + how we are restricted by the reality of others
  • Insights into Laura’s coaching work + how she coached herself thorugh her divorce
  • 3 tips to start shifting your thoughts towards a better mindset
  • Life hack from a Lemurian princess: Borrow evidence from others to proof your beliefs true
  • The news + how they fit into the bigger game of thoughts

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