How to live your freedom as entrepreneur, positive mindset & sustainable fashion with Nils Wagner


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Freedom Lifestyle Edition

We talk about: Part 1: Freedom Lifestyle

  • How being overworked led him to his freedom lifestyle
  • How his perception of freedom changed during Covid and lockdown
  • Focusing on less as a form of freedom
  • His entrepreneurial spirit: going from longboards and olive oil to trendy, sustainable fashion and accessories
  • The crucial difference between working a lot for yourself or working a lot for others
  • How the idea for his company Paprcuts was born
  • His companies Paprcuts and Badaga
  • Sustainability in fashion: How he produces ethical and eco-friendly surf and sports wear from fishing nets and thrown-away plastic bottles
  • His mindset of “Just do” – a must-listen for all overthinkers!
  • Trailblazing a new, sustainable ‘Made in Germany’
  • Anything is possible: Finding great solutions not based on the status quo but on what you wanna achieve
  • From his role as employer: Always bring out your best!
  • Victim or hero? Empowerment on and from a work level
  • Tips on positive mindset from Nils’ employer perspective
  • His no. 1 insight: How he keeps his freedom while running a company
  • How this secret “ingredient” really helped his companies during Covid lockdown and transitioning into home office work
  • The power of people that inspire us & the person who helped him personally to a new perception of the world
  • Radical positivity

Part 2: Sustainable consuming & creating sustainable fashion

  • True vs. superficial change and the potential it holds
  • Improvising and being creative as key to going through Covid times with a positive mindset
  • Sustainability: Can we do everything right? Nils’ view on it from both an entrepreneurial and a personal perspective
  • His biggest problem when it comes to living sustainably
  • His reason and emphasis on regional/European production and selling
  • Conscious consuming, sustainable products: What to take into consideration when buying + a whole world that stands behind each product
  • Why ‘vegan’ isn’t always the best choice: leather, manufacturing, environmental burden
  • Good shoes: How the latest Paprcuts sneakers are produced, which material is used + the “evolution” that stands behind them
  • It’s all a process: not looking for the perfect solution, but the best there is
  • A glimpse into alternative, eco-friendly fabrics and production chains
  • Buying less, emphasising quality
  • Process vs. perfection: Doing the best we can, always evolving – must-listen for anyone struggling getting into action or who’s blocked by perfectionism
  • His thoughts on a entering the US market
  • Inspiration for life after Covid

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