How to uphold our freedom in times of outer chaos with Dr. Marie Belle Pérez Rivera


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Freedom Lifestyle Edition

Dr. Marie Belle Perez Rivera is here for a freedom update! For those of you who don’t know her yet: Marie Belle is a yoga teacher and educator in mindfulness, a writer, fitness lover and Doctor of Psychology. I had her on my show last year talking about freedom, and now she’s back to chat about how she’s been during those past crazy months and how her perception of freedom changed.

Marie Belle keeps blowing my mind with her profound knowledge, her beautiful poetic words and her sheer power. This is a conversation for anyone dealing with anxiety or overwhelm and anyone struggling with their own feeling of freedom and emotional wellbeing during these crazy times of Covid and political chaos.

We also talk about creative ways to make an income – so it’s definitely an episode for solopreneurs, those of you looking for more job freedom and those who are forced to get creative due to economic circumstances at the moment.

Enjoy this powerful conversation!

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We talk about:

  • Freedom update & how she navigates these challenging times
  • Her impressions from Washington D.C. (week 28 of lockdown)
  • Her new perception of freedom
  • Inside insight: How Covid shook her and her business
  • Tips on creating more job freedom + finding new ways of income
  • Investment & integration as two crucial elements to financial freedom
  • What helped her overcome tough times + strategies to deal with anxiety
  • Trauma work: one element of her business
  • Re-traumatization: Why these times are destined for this + what you can do about it
  • Inner freedom & inner leadership
  • Faults of established systems of power & empowering ourselves
  • Current observations from her professional work with power
  • 2 easy-to-apply methods to deal with overwhelm, fear, anxiety so we can step into our internal power
  • More tips to uphold our freedom in times of outer restriction
  • Polarity, extremes and why things need to crash
  • Her upcoming yoga teacher trainings

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