Your Currency Is Connection: Making Your Brand Better Not Bigger with Julie M. Gile


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Conversation with Julie M. Gile

We talk about:

  • Julie’s passion & work as a brand photographer & why she claims: “Be better, not bigger!”
  • How she works to create authentic personal brand images
  • The personal stories that build the foundation for brands: “When you're getting involved with peoples personal brands […] that personal fuel sometimes comes from a dark place, a place of hurt.”
  • Vulnerabilty in personal brand stories
  • Deep-dive into Julie’s own touching personal story & what made her pick up the camera for the first time
  • “I ran away from my story for a very long time. […] When I started embracing it, so many things fell into place.”
  • How our own story connects with others
  • Internal struggles: Which parts of our stories to share and which not?
  • How do we define our limits?
  • Why Julie left her corporate job after an earth-shattering happening
  • Why human connection is so important to her
  • Creativity and why you don’t neccessarily have to follow a certain structure and ideal of growth
  • It’s possible to create a brand based on who you really are
  • Playing “small” & focusing on the things that matter
  • Productivity & success re-evaluated: Success has many forms
  • Questioning growth as only factor of success
  • Your story as key to connection & sales during lockdown and online-only times
  • The importance of white space
  • Tips for nurturing your business & building longterm connections
  • Building a business based on YOU and not on hustle

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