Body, Mind & Soul Health: Empowering Yourself from the Inside Out with Steph Gaudreau


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Conversation with Steph Gaudreau

We talk about:

  • Steph’s own story and struggle with negative self-talk around body, food and exercise
  • Her work as nutritional therapy practitioner, intuitive eating counselor and strength coach and how she helps women to re-empower themselves and “to trust themselves with food and movement”
  • The concept of body, mind & soul health and looking at our whole being when it comes to food, fitness and overall empowerment
  • Motivation & intention: how to shed our ‘shoulds’ and be more aligned with how we live, eat, exercise
  • How to overcome judgemental thought-spirals and the narrative of ‘guilt’ and ‘shame’ when it comes to food and exercise
  • Her own current experience of showing more of her true self, overcoming labeling and stepping out of a neatly branded box
  • Sharing our experience with others and being of service
  • The energies of control vs. trust and how they influence our behaviour
  • Control around food as a way to deal with these uncertain times
  • Not freaking out about exercise and loosing your gains in self-isolation and while sheltering-in-place
  • What you can do today to tune more into your body, mind and soul – especially in these crazy and uncertain times
  • Her tips for instantly more body, mind & soul health

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