Core Connection: Finding Freedom Wherever You Are with Cat Kennedy


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Freedom Lifestyle Edition

We talk about:

  • Freedom update: What’s happened in a year
  • Embodiment of joy and freedom in everyday life
  • Our connection to nature
  • Traveling as a way of healing and finding back to ourselves
  • How her perception of freedom changed even before Covid
  • How coming home when the pandemic hit felt like
  • Tips for finding freedom in lockdown
  • Comfort zones and the difference between comfort and security
  • Finding freedom in your body
  • Not chasing instant outcomes, but trusting the process
  • How she dealt with canceled plans
  • A key piece of life advice: How to deal with situations that trigger resistance in you
  • Creating new perspectives
  • Core & courage
  • Letting go of overthinking: Tips to find back to your heart
  • The transformation that can come out of pain and destruction
  • The power of the present moment
  • How slowing down helps to understand yourself and others
  • Courage as (in) opening your heart and opening yourself up
  • For solo-preneurs and anyone who wants to start something new:
  • Process as play: you don’t have to have everything figured out before you start
  • Control as protection mechanism
  • Finances: How to uphold a lifestyle that entails lots of freedom and isn’t connected to a permanent job and pay-slip — must-listen for anyone struggling with financial worry due to the current Covid situation
  • Cat’s two current jobs
  • Not feeling guilty when in a “privileged“ situation these days but using it to make the most of your life and in helping others

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