Korea 24 - 2021.10.20


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Korea24 – 2021.10.20. (Wednesday)
News Briefing: North Korea revealed on its state media that it test-fired a new type of submarine-launched ballistic missile(SLBM) on Tuesday, confirming previous assessments made by the South Korean military. However, North Korea did not confirm whether it was launched from a submarine. (Eunice Kim)
In-Depth News Analysis: South Korea is about to take a giant leap in its space program. The nation’s first fully homegrown space rocket, called Nuri, is about to be launched on Thursday. It’s the culmination of 12 years of work and 2 trillion won in costs, but if the launch succeeds, South Korea will become only the seventh nation in the world to have successfully built a domestically developed space rocket. Professor Kwon Se-jin (권세진) from the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) joins us on the line to preview the launch.
Korea Trending with Walter Lee:
1. Actor Kim Seon-ho (김선호) has apologized to his former girlfriend and to the public for his conduct, amid allegations that he coerced his ex-girlfriend to have an abortion. ('낙태 종용 논란' 김선호 "그분에게 상처 줬다…정말 죄송하다")
2. Police are investigating whether an incident involving two employees at a company who fell ill after drinking bottled water at work is related to the apparent suicide of another employee. (서초구 사무실서 직원 2명 생수병 물 마시고 쓰러져…수사 착수)
3. FIFA is gathering opinions from the football world over the idea of holding the World Cup every two years instead of four. ('월드컵 격년제' 추진하는 FIFA, 전 세계 대표팀 감독 의견 듣는다)
Korea Book Club with Barry Welsh: This week Barry reviews the short story 'Sunset' by Chae Manshik. Set between Korea's liberation and the outbreak of the war, it portrays the emotional, physical, and financial 'fall' of the characters as the writer repents his own acts. Originally released in 1948, 'Sunset' is from a collection of the author's works translated by Bruce and Ju Chan Fulton, published in 2017.
Morning Edition Preview with Mark Wilson-Choi:
- In tomorrow’s Korea Times, Bahk Eun-ji writes about how local governments are struggling with trash and noise produced by poorly-mannered campers.
- In tomorrow’s Korea Herald, Lee Si-jin writes about how local governments are taking advantage of Squid Game’s popularity to appeal to tourists.

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