S3 | W14 - Peanut Buttered Ball Bags


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Episode Title - S3 | W14 - Peanut Buttered Ball Bags

KC opens the show "strapped to the bottom of a submarine" but they make it work.

14:00- Making fools of our biggest fans and the losing cohost www.kcdcevw.com/gfy

23:00- STFU DC, Dear Leaders of the West need not apply + Down-and-Distance graphics are for women.

40:00- KC Reacts to more maybe-snuff from LiveLeak.com + Huge joke-offs

58:45- The guys hate Facebook + The anti- sales pitch for cats or kids.

Having killed many elephants with millions of chickens the guys shower off their goober gravy and close the show like Goddamn Gentlemen!

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