S3 | W2 - DC Has a Stroke


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A very special opening from a very special Ex-Captain.

3:00- The Stalin contingency plan + DC's rash saga conclusion.

12:50- STFU DC, or you're getting shot… you're ALL getting shot + 2nd Amendment rant

27:00- Just regular old social interactions, or as KC calls them pure death of all good feelings

42:50- Singing the praises of the Dear Leaders + DC is NOT a graceful loser….

59:00- ***Movie Quote that's from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back*** + Those damned Florida Men

1:09:00- News runs amick in Japan and India + Death Row last meals...kind of

Having pointed out the stinky, ugly fatsos and accidentally drank all sorts of terrible messes, the guys close out the show and do so, as always, like Goddamn Gentlemen!

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