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DC opens the show, ass still raw, riding the high of spicy victory ready to part ways with all his "players."

9:00- Conspiracy dipshittery abounds when kid diddlin' is at hand.

19:30- Wading dangerously deep into the Gulf of Mexican immigration.

27:45- Singing of the Dear New Leaders' Praises

35:30- DC has deep seeded competitive issues that KC can't recall.

56:00- Evidences are brought forth for the movement to revoke Florida's statehood.

1:02:40- This just in! India still sucks + Ass-eating teddy bears, chimp beatdowns and place-kicking murderers.

1:18:20- ***Movie Quote*** + Listeners get xenophobic!

Having found the only use KC will have for Virtual Reality, the guys close out the show and do so as always, like Goddamn Gentlemen!

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