Season 2: Week 22


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DC finds a more favorable journal entry...for him.

This week:

6:00 - Christmas is Coming, DC is now fat.

13:00- DC bets his haircut again!

14:30- Back to getting fat.

18:00- Prove you're fat.

20:30- News Casterbation

38:00- Threatening children with Santa.

44:45- Singing the praises of our Dear Leaders.

50:00- STFU (not really) while DC gets brainwashed.

1:07:30- Stealth entry by the Ning-er.

1:08:10- Wahoooooooooooooooo!!! Movie point.

1:08:45- Do you even know what is a Christmas lights?

1:15:00- Shouting out our loving pickers’ Xmas wishes… and curses.

1:20:00- How'd ya hurt ya’self?

1:34:30- Dual Threat QB fan question for the ages.

Having dismissed that fan question in record time, the guys close up shop and do so, as always like Goddamn Gentlemen!

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