Season 2: Week 26


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KC is living in a frozen tundra of ice & failure. DC wins again and is warm in Florida. Show time.

0:00- DC opens...then disappears

3:00- KC is a soft, broken man alone in a studio

7:30- DC on the phone humblebragging about Bay Hill

16:30- Like father, like son (both assholes)

26:00- Church revelation...I’m getting fat

29:30- KC hasn’t complained in awhile, here you go!

34:00- DC lays out the tie and says goodbye

38:00- Dear Leaders get unfairly maligned/rewarded

47:00- *Movie Quote* kicks off NFL reaction time

1:02:00- KC is forced to shut himself up

1:11:00- One shit leads to another...

1:16:00- (not so breaking) NEWS

Once KC has thoroughly entertained himself, he channels DC and “the boys” close the show, as always, like Goddamn Gentlemen!

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