Season 2: Week 27


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DC makes his somewhat triumphant return to the studio and then cements it.

This week:

6:00- Waking up in strange places/on strange people.

11:00- What's in your pants? Why are you special?

18:30- Toy Story 4

22:00- Listener Responses: “Bodily Breakdowns”

28:30- Walrus clowns and also college girls look 16 now

36:30- Reasons CT sucks asshole - besides taxes

42:00- Insta Follower Questions

52:30- *MOVIE QUOTE* Super Bowl Prop Bet time!

1:13:00- Let the Praises of our Dear Leaders be sung!

1:23:30- STFU so I can STFU, Ted

1:34:30- KC/DC: Fat Fuck Intervention Class

1:44:00- Not-So-Breaking News

With DC back in the fold and hunting that January title, the guys clos out the show, as always, like Goddamn Gentlemen!

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