Season 2: Week 28


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DC opens the podcast - and February - high off the smell of his own methane.

This week:

0:00- The guys recap the Big Game and the little game they made of it.

23:00- Praises of the Dear Leaders are sung, vibrantly.

29:00- But who gets into the Tourney?!

35:00- Social Media questions gets ridicu… answered

42:00- Santa isn’t real, kid. Think about it.

47:30- I want my money back on that free concert.

53:00- Crazy wake up responses - Shitty Sherman

1:10:00- KC vs DC - boxing match of the century

1:13:00- Wal-Mart on Super Bowl Sunday.

1:22:00- News

1:43:00- DC got triggered by goddamn broads! KC, take a seat.

1:54:00- The Shed Pounds for Jesus challenge

2:05:00- *Movie Quote” and weigh-ins

Having made every fat joke, the guys close out the show and do it, as always like Goddamn Gentlemen!

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