Season 2: Week 29


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Bigfoot found in Utah? DC is aggressively skeptical. Totalled car talk and weighing in kicks the show off right.

9:00- KC recaps the week and DC is furious with a “Fan's” newest round of Team West sabotagery.

17:00- KC’s #SPFJ regiments and double double penetration.

34:00- Weight loss predictions and DC’s “healthy” diet of almonds and lime water.

47:00- STFU! ...Journal time!!!

53:00- DC is back to tell us about EFY ...and other reasons he (and KC) are NERDS!

1:08:00- Impromptu Instagram responses.

1:12:00- Sobered up DC learns about last week's podcast’s philosophies.

1:16:00- Hero DC acquires sustenance for his wife and children - falls asleep in the car with it.

1:26:00- KC’s liquid in/liquid out diet.

1:36:30- *MOVIE QUOTE* + Dear Leaders’ Praise Songs.

1:50:00- Funny answers from funny fans.

1:57:00- DC’s Russian dinner and how you, too, can weigh 333 lbs!

2:09:00- DC potentially in late-night trouble...more answers next week!

Having epically failed a hilarious prank in the name of science, DC and KC close out the show and do so, as always, like Goddamn Gentlemen!

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