Season 2: Week 33


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The guys enter the week in prep-mode, hashing out who gets the February spot in the Year-End Tourney and song breaks out.

This week:

4:00- Right into shilling

12:30- KC’s pronunciation guide

20:00- Talking SPORTS?!?!

31:00- Everyone loves the golf brackets! +MOVIE QUOTE!

40:00- Presenting! - The Dear Leaders! Praise them!!!

55:45- Non-Breaking News!

* Tourney Entrants

* Living on Ketchup

* I like turtles!

* Ninja birds

* Make horse racing great again

1:20:00- KC's snow drive adventure

1:32:45- STFU KC, DC's gettin into Russian knife fights

Having escaped the Russian drunks to tell the tale, DC and KC close out the show and do it, as always, like Goddamn Gentlemen!

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