Season 2: Week 35


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It's weigh-in time! It's been 5 weeks and the results aren't what was expected.

This week:

2:00- KC opens the show like a sultry sir.

8:00- KC: All business - All hours

18:00- We dream big.

23:30- MORE $$$$

27:20- DC - The self-hating millennial (From the first millennium)

36:00- Can you peak without scoring?

39:00- Peak of sports talk

48:30- STFU DC, KC will do the bullying, thank you!

57:30- We know what you did, Robert.

1:03:00- How many times does DC have to tickle his future daughter?

1:39:00- How to disgust 20 high school girls at once.

1:46:30- ***MOVIE QUOTE***

1:47:00- Sing dem praises!!!

1:55:00- The comedic stylings of Walter and Cronkite

Having broken all the news and their brains/stomachs, the guys close out the show, and do so as always like Goddamn Gentlemen!!!

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