Season 2: Week 37


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DC stops the bleeding and opens the show with head start news.

This week:

1:15- DC shows the newbies some love.

4:45- A tiebreaker for the ages is laid out.

11:00- What a week. Good god.

19:00- Dumpin’ Dames - Talkin’ ‘Tendo

39:10- Last female listener NOW gone.

51:25- Praises of the Dear Leaders are sung loudly.

1:04:00- April Foolish responses

1:35:00- Sports sighting off the port bow!!!

1:39:30- Enough of that! - NEWS!

* PETA memes

* Bulletproof bumpkins

* Stop those kids!

2:01:00- Lenny-ing animals

2:05:00- GoT predictions?

2:10:00- KC - Movie Plot Memory Rot

2:26:00- ***MOVIE QUOTE***

Having crushed another first week of another month, the guys wrap up the podcast and do it, like always, like Goddamn Gentlemen!

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