Season 2: Week 38


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KC opens the show for “4th time out of 5 weeks” much to the delight of delirious DC.

This week:

5:00- Praises of the Dear Leaders are dismissed (

6:45- Mastering the art of talking golf

15:00- I promise, I won't become Muslim.

17:30- Would you kill 1000 babies to save Jesus?

21:50- ***Movie Quote***

22:00- Shut Up, DC...KC Hitler is here

28:30- Ah...The Plot un-Thickens

35:00- DC's feelin’ muscle-y

44:45- Mild, non-spicy stuff that maybe happened (NEWS!)

* “Florida women…” naked of course

* 4 bees eating your tears

* Breaking News - People are Idiots

58:30- Our listeners crackin’ jokes and throwing tantrums

Having rubbed elbows with fatties and held in all the farts, the guys close out the show and do so, as always, like Goddamn Gentlemen!

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