Season 2: Week 46


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A dejected DC opens top quickly announce the fact that the guys enter tied.
This week:
1:45- The breaking of the ties and + Sporting event weirdos
24:30- Who wakes up sober?! Also KC hates feet.
33:30- Preeeeeeesenting…..the Tournament….stuff.
1:03:15- ***Movie Quote*** that almost never was.
1:16:00- STFU KC. Sit down, girl in the back… aaaaand stop complaining.
1:33:40- DC asks the peanut gallery for 'father-of-a-daughter'ly advice
Having conveyed parting words of advice regarding the tournament (as well as revealing earth-shattering news regarding the top seeds) the guys close out the show, and do it as always like Goddamn Gentlemen!

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