Season 2: Week 48


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The guys open with KC's guide to friendship. It's a short open.

This week:

2:00- Straight to Tourney round 2 results! + Shuffle up and deal with the loss.

27:30- Praise the Leaders! I SAID PRAISE THEM!

34:30- ***Movie Quote*** so bad it caused a power outage.

40:45- Whose sports ah deez? Get em out! Field Hockey?!?!

1:03:00- The guys take a detoured walk down Lefty League Lane and reminisce in failure.

1:30:00- Superstitious save break leads to DC talking Mormons and fake Cougars + some stupid mother co-working fuckers.

Having converted thousands to become Patreon-donating-DC-Head-Mormons, the guys close out the show and do it, as always like Goddamn Gentlemen!

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