Episode 13: Cesar Carrillo


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Epsiode 13 of Keepin’ It A Hundo is my first international podcast. I took my podcasting talents to Mexico and had a very relaxing conversation with my “primo” Cesar Carrillo aka Young Al Capone. The podcast was recorded on a private beach at his home in Isla Mujeres. Sometimes all you need is a laptop, a microphone and a bottle of Mezcal to make it happen. Cesar defied the odds when he was taken in the first round of the MLB draft in 2005. Chicago isn’t exactly a breeding ground for baseball prospects. After growing up on the Southside, Cesar was drafted out of high school due to his dominance at Mt Carmel High School. He turned down the chance to go pro to pitch at the University of Miami instead. He started his career at The U 24-0, the second best start to a career in college baseball history. This led to the San Diego Padres taking him with 18th pick in the draft. Cesar played professionally in the big leagues as well as leagues in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Taiwan, and currently lives and plays in Mexico. Cesar and I met thru our mutual friend Too Tan Disco Dan at the University of Miami. Not only have been we been good friends ever since, but he has also been a Hundo Health & Fitness client. We will discuss the origin of his nickname Young Al Capone and if Little Leaguers should be playing whiffle ball or swimming on days they have games. He definitely made me laugh as usual and I’m not sure anybody has done a better job of Keepin’ It A Hundo than Young Al Capone.

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