Episode 14: Riddick Bowe


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Episode 14 of Keepin’ It A Hundo with Riddick Bowe is now available on Apple Podcasts. Riddick "Big Daddy" Bowe is literally and figuratively the biggest guest I've had on my podcast. He's 6'5" 300 pounds...allegedly. He is a 2 time heavyweight champ of the world and finished his career 43-1. He beat Evander Holyfield twice and he was the first man to ever KO Holyfield. He was also a big humanitarian like his idol Muhammad Ali. He did a lot of charity work including a trip to Somalia where he donated $2 million worth of medical supplies and food. Riddick Bowe is a living boxing icon. The Champ briefly joined the Marines after retiring at age 28. He also has had some legal issues since retiring, including an 18 month stay at a federal prison for kidnapping his wife and kids. In the podcast, Bowe speaks candidly about this incident. It has been quite a journey since growing up in the rough neighborhood of East New York in Brooklyn. His sister was mugged and murdered one night for her welfare check and he had a brother die of AIDS. Considering where he came from, this dude made quite a life for himself. My friend, Xavier Powell knows Bowe well and I couldn't have made this happen without him. I spent the day with The Champ. We did the pod, we ate lobsters, and I even motivated him to workout a little bit. Something he definitely doesn't like to do. The Champ is here!

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