Episode 7: Mikkey Halsted Part 2


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Part 2 of my conversation with Mikkey Halsted includes our discussion about why he would never work with R Kelly again, race as a social construct, gun violence in Chicago, and the time Mikkey gave J Cole work on the basketball court. We also reveal the top 5 Mickey's of all time and have a hard time trying to decide who would win a steel cage match between Yeezy and Weezy. We pick pick up our conversation where we left off last week. Mikkey was on a bus with his Cash Money Family and got into a fight with one of the top dogs. We mention a shark bus. There were two busses Cash Money artists rode on. There was the artist bus, which was the nice bus. Then there was the Shark Bus, which was full of ex cons and gangbangers. If you were on the shit list, that particular week, you had to ride the Shark Bus.

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