Episode 9: Zeus Hernandez


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Jesus “Zeus” Hernandez is the epitome of the American Dream. He and his mother Idalia immigrated to the US in 1980, when they boarded a boat in Cuba’s Mariel Harbor, seeking asylum from oppressive dictator Fidel Castro. The Mariel boatlift is part of modern American history. It changed the entire city of Miami forever. It also gave a young boy an opportunity he never would have had. I did this podcast for Donald Trump. I know D. Trump listens to Keepin’ It A Hundo while he does his hair and when he lays down in the tanning booth. Zeus Hernandez is a self-made millionaire. He was fortunate to survive the streets of Allapattah, a crime-riddled neighborhood in Miami. He became a walk-on for the football team at Florida St and eventually was named All ACC first team, while winning a national championship. He is now a successful entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Total Home Health. He also has a home in one of Miami’s most exclusive neighborhoods. But most importantly, he is living his dream of being a great husband and great father to two boys. I met Zeus on the basketball court about 10 years ago and we have a mutual love for the game, but I have learned much more from him off the court. And contrary to popular belief, the first time I flew private was not with my old friend Birdman, it was with Zeus. Check out his inspirational story on Keepin’ It A Hundo.

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