111: 8 Patient Examples Using Functional Medicine With Dr. Will Cole


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In this episode of Keto Talk, Dr. Will Cole gives us some real-world examples of patients that have been treated with functional medicine in episode 111.


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“Things like Lyme Disease may not be the cause of all of a patient's problems, but it is a piece of the patient's puzzle. We have to be multipronged in our approach to treating disease.”

-Dr. Will Cole

Fresh off of last week's look into a day in the life of a functional medicine practitioner, we now get to see some real-world examples of this in practice. Dr. Cole brings us stories from his practice at work. Here are some of the topics Jimmy and Will discussed in the patient examples in episode 111:

– Autoimmune-Inflammation Spectrum

– The three main stages of the autoimmune-inflammation spectrum:

1. Silent Autoimmunity: There are positive antibody labs but no noticeable symptoms.

2. Autoimmune Reactivity: There are positive antibody labs and the patient is experiencing symptoms.

3. Autoimmune Disease: There’s enough body destruction to be diagnosed and loads of potential symptoms.

– Chronic Lyme and its related symptoms:

1.Fatigue 2.Flu-like symptoms including fever, hot flashes, and chills 3. Joint pain 4. Back pain 5. Headaches 6. A red “bulls-eye” rash around the site of the bite

– Microbiome issues

1. Leaky gut syndrome 2. SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) 3. Candida overgrowth


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Highlight Quote:

“More people deal with mold than they know. Far too many people are symptomatic and just chalk it up to allergies.”

– Jimmy Moore


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