135: Age Considerations With Keto, Unexpected Weight Gain, Long QT, Intense Nausea, And Retaining Breast Enhancement Fat While Keto


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In Episode 135 of Keto Talk, Jimmy and Dr. Will Cole answer your questions about Age Considerations With Keto, Unexpected Weight Gain, Long QT, Intense Nausea, And Retaining Breast Enhancement Fat While Keto and more!


With the popularity of keto at an all-time high, it seems strange that the food companies keep pumping out new incarnations of crappy carbage How can you get a Freestyle Libre flash blood glucose monitor prescribed by a physician without being diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic? Can going keto be a part of the healing process from Grave’s Disease? What role does keto specifically play in helping to “blow out the SIBO” as Will as described it on a previous episode? Why would skin get more sensitive and even develop eczema once you get keto-adapted? What role does a low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic lifestyle play in dealing with the inflammatory condition known as hyperhomocystinemia? HEALTH HEADLINES:

Finnish Doctor Persecuted For His Book: A Life Without Drugs Keto diet: High in fat and popularity, but is it healthy and sustainable? Inside the Rise of Keto: How an Extreme Diet Went Mainstream 12 Keto-Friendly Foods That Aren't As Low-Carb As You Think The keto diet was accidentally discovered in 1862 by a funeral director who lost 52 pounds on a diet of cordial and meat STUDY: Fasting Appears to Reset "Crucial" Clock on Aging-Related Diseases – DIRECT LINK TO PAPER: Fasting Imparts a Switch to Alternative Daily Pathways in Liver and Muscle Jimmy and Will answer your questions:

- Are there age and gender specific considerations with keto to be aware of?

Hi Jimmy and Will,

Several months ago my elder sisters (71 and 72 years old) started keto after seeing how well it worked for me (I'm quite a bit younger at 57). They're well on their way to their weight loss goals but they've recently noticed there might be some age-related and gender-related considerations for women who are 70+ years of age. Would you guys talk about some of these things they should be thinking about? Thank you!

Carolyn – What can be done about unexpected weight gain while in nutritional ketosis? Are my hypothyroid and pain medications making things more challenging for me?

Dear Jimmy and Dr. Cole,

I listen regularly to Keto Talk and I'm grateful for all of your valuable information. I’m 5’6” tall and weigh 179 pounds as a 61 years old woman and have been keto for a couple of years. I started eating this way when my family doctor suggested I may be pre-diabetic with a fasting blood glucose of 101. My blood ketones remain in the 1.5-2.0 range, so I know I’m burning fat. Initially I lose 55 pounds, but for some strange reason I gained back 10 pounds. Although I have a function medicine medical doctor, she’s no fan of me trying longer fasts because of my hypothyroid issues which I take Armour thyroid for.

I’ve tried changing things up in the way I’m doing keto, including a protein sparing modified fast with significantly less fat than I typically eat and carnivore. These did help me lose some weight, but both gave me problems and the weight I lost came right back on with my regular keto diet. I am currently preparing for a women's mini-triathlon (1.5 mile kayak, 11-mile bike, and 3.1 mile walk or run) which takes place in February. I did this last year in a fasted state and did great! I feel like that's not going to be the case this time around. I'd like to at least remain keto but I’m thinking being mostly carnivore is where I feel my best. I will add that my doctor prescribed me Gabapentin 100mg for me to take at night to help with pain that interferes with my sleep. Do I need to add in additional carbs to what I’m doing to help with these issues or should I be concerned?


Colleen – Are there any specific alterations to keto for people dealign with the condition known as Long QT?

Hi Jimmy and Dr. Cole,

I am a huge fan of your podcast and listened to all of them in double time so I could digest all the information faster (I especially liked the Poopcast and now I refer to Will as Dr. Pooptacular!). In the earlier episodes I was listening to, Dr. Nally mentioned that Long QT is a reason to be monitored by your doctor when starting keto. This piqued my interest since I deal with this condition. I have an implanted heart monitor that checks for abnormal rhythms 24/7, so I’m assuming that would catch any issues. Are there any specific precautions I should be taking with long QT and keto (mine is the incredibly rare genetic variant, Long QT type 10, which has to do with a sodium channel pathway and is most similar to Type 3 of the more commonly known types).

Signed, your healthiest chronically ill Ketonian,

Jess – How can someone overcome intense nausea while on a ketogenic diet?

Hi Jimmy and Will,

I am a naturopath in Australia and I have been keto for a few months. I had a fairly easy adaptation but my partner is now having a lot of nausea. He started a couple of weeks ago and got into ketosis in about 48 hours with blood ketones around 1.2. He was doing so well until I made the mistake of giving him some cake I had made with almond and coconut flour. He almost immediately started feeling sluggish and experienced mental fatigue and fogginess as his blood ketones crash to under 0.5. He was able to get back into ketosis again, but the nausea and other side effects have been relentless ever since. We’ve been adding in more salt to try to help, but nothing is helping so far. I feel like I broke the momentum he had on his keto and would love any suggestions about how to help him get back on track again. He came to keto from a mostly fruit-based diet for a year prior to this. I feel my partner has so much to gain from eating this way coming from a history of chronic fatigue!

Thanks for your help,


– Are there concerns with the inability to retain transferred breast enhancement fat for someone who is eating a ketogenic diet?

Hello Jimmy and Dr. Cole,

I am looking to have liposuction to transfer the fat to my breasts for a natural breast enhancement after going through breastfeeding and experiencing a nice weight loss thanks to keto. Will ketosis compromise my body’s ability to retain the fat that is transferred as it needs to establish a new blood supply to be able to live in the new location. I am currently at my goal weight and am no longer losing weight. My initial thought is that since ketosis is a healthy state for the body to be in, it should not be a problem. But what say you?

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