138: Arteriosclerosis Reversal, Acetyl-CoA, Gastro Event Requiring Antibiotics And Pasta, Fasting And Appendicitis, Keto Aggravating Adrenals


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In Episode 138 of Keto Talk, Jimmy and Dr. Will Cole answer your questions about Arteriosclerosis Reversal, Acetyl-CoA, Gastro Event Requiring Antibiotics And Pasta, Fasting And Appendicitis, Keto Aggravating Adrenals and more!


  • Why is cheating on your keto diet everyone once in a while a bad thing?
  • What do you think about the new sweetener allulose being used in keto products?
  • Does using collagen, bone broth, and MCT oil break your fast and turn off autophagy?
  • Could the carrageenan typically found in heavy cream be the cause of my skin issues?
  • Does having chronic pancreatitis requiring prescription pancreatic enzymes preclude someone from eating keto?
“Buyer beware when it comes to some of these food substitutes on the market.” – Jimmy Moore “It's not fair that some of us can tolerate certain foods while others can't, but we have to accept where we are on our health journey at this moment.” – Dr. Will Cole


Jimmy and Will answer your questions:

– Is there any research showing reversal of arteriosclerosis with keto and other lifestyle changes?

Hi Jimmy and Will,

I’m a big fan of the ketogenic diet and you guys consistently provide some of the best information about this way of eating online. I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on how to reverse arteriosclerosis since it seems most people have some varying level of this develop during their lifetime. I've seen people talk about things like taking magnesium and the MK7 variant of Vitamin K2, but these are only theoretical in nature. Is there any scientific evidence that this actually reverses the progression of heart disease? Is there any research that demonstrates keto and other lifestyle approaches help with this reversal of arteriosclerosis? Thanks again for your fantastic podcast.


– Is there any concern with an increased production of Acetyl-CoA when a Type 2 diabetic is eating keto?

Hey guys,

I have someone in my life who has a biochemistry background claiming that going keto is about the worst thing a person with Type 2 diabetes could possibly do because of excessive production of Acetyl-CoA and that it induces a state of ketoacidosis (which I know is flat-out wrong). When I inquired about the mechanism about how the higher Acetyle-CoA issue happens and what the end result would be from this, she responded with something about DNA damage being done on a neurological level. This doesn’t make any sense to me from what I know about healthy nutritional ketosis and I’d love to offer up a counterpoint to her arguments. She seems to be really confused and it would be great to help educate her on this. Thanks for your help!


– What is the best way to recover my gut health from three rounds of strong antibiotics?

Hello Jimmy and Dr. Cole,

I recently had a gastro event that my gastroenterologist put me on two strong antibiotics (Cipro and Flagyl) for. As a keto dieter, I was shocked when he recommended that I eat lots of pasta before having a colonoscopy. When I told him I eat for ketosis, he chided me by staying that diet is merely political and not actually based on any sound science. I’m almost sure I have leaky gut and declined having the colonoscopy since the antibiotics have surely almost entirely wiped out my gut flora. I’m now eating the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and am doing well on it so far. I did have to take another antibiotic (Methylpred) for a pulled tooth recently, so I know my gut health is majorly compromised now. Is there anything else I can do to help further improve my gut health so I don’t have to go through these rounds of antibiotics and recommendations of pasta anytime soon? This has been a very hard winter for me. Thank you for responding to my questions.


– Does extended fasting lead to appendicitis and gallstone development?

Hey Jimmy and Will,

I was inspired to start doing some longer fasting because of your podcasts and decided to do a 7-day fast. It was surprisingly easy for me to do and I felt great after it was finished. But one week after I finished that 7-day fast, I developed appendicitis. Was this somehow related to the fast or is this merely a coincidence? Checking Dr. Google didn’t help me answer this question at all which is why I’m writing to you today. They did find I had a developed a a gallstone which Dr. Valter Longo has said can happen on fasting. I’d love to go back to my regular 24-36 hour fasts, but now I’m scared because I don’t want to lose my gallbladder. Can you help reassure me about this issue?

Thank you and best regards,

Andy in the Philippines


– Is keto making my adrenal issues worse?

Hi Jimmy and Will,

Thank you for all you do on Keto Talk to get sound information about healthy eating out to the public. I’ve been keto for just over a year and have lost 32 pounds while improving many of the symptoms of insulin resistance. I’ve felt energetic for my active lifestyle of mountain biking, running, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing. However, lately I’ve been having a few episodes of what I suspect may be symptoms of adrenal insufficiency. I have dealt with low thyroid and my naturopath put me on thyroid hormone replacement to deal with this—but it didn’t help or hinder. The focus of my treatment has been on healing the gut microbiome and I’ve been consuming copious amounts of bone broth and fermented food like yogurt to help with that along with periods of intermittent fasting.

I recently dealt with a virus that wouldn’t let go leaving me pretty sick and worn out for about two weeks. When I started feeling better, I noticed my lymph nodes in my neck were noticeably swollen and tender to the touch. At night, the back of my legs were achy near the back side of my knees. Waking up in the morning felt like I was hungover with my eyes swollen, a low-grade headache, nausea, and incredibly lethargic. When my chiropractor touch my T12 on my back, I felt a hot stinging sensation and immediately because nauseous. She told me that is directly tied to the adrenals. Is keto making these adrenal issues worse? From what I’ve seen, the recommendation for adrenal problems is to eat more carbs, but I don’t want to do that for a lot of reasons.

Thank you for helping me try to figure this out.



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