137: Dr. Will Cole’s Functional Medicine Clinic Patient Profiles


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Today on Keto Talk, Dr. Will Cole shows us some examples of real-world patient cases that have been treated with functional medicine in episode 137.

Highlight Quote:

“My heart and passion is getting to the root cause of what's causing people to struggle, using functional medicine in a ketogenic context.”

-Dr. Will Cole We talk a lot about health and healing through the prism of a real food ketogenic approach and looking at wellness from a Functional Medicine standpoint here on Keto Talk. Dr. Will Cole from DrWillCole.com is a practicing Functional Medicine Practitioner and brings us a special treat today as he gives us a look at some real world examples of conditions he has helped treat at his clinic using this unique approach. Here are some of the topics Jimmy and Will discussed in the patient examples in episode 137:

– Lyme / Viral major components

Face and lips swell any time she has an exposure to food she shouldn’t. Dramatic increase of symptoms with exposures Falls asleep at table eating/ Extreme fatigue. – Alopecia

Hair growth after 4 months. Hair, eyelashes and eyebrows Significant weight loss. Significant anxiety decrease – SIBO/ Stomach distention

Within one week up to 95 % of symptoms has resolved First time her stomach has been flat in 4 + years. Mood stabilized. Major factors in case: stress and diet. – Autistic

Improvements with interaction with parents Improvements in mood Trying to communicate Mood stabilizing. – Diabetic/ Mold exposure

Mold numbers consistently low. Had remediation of kitchen and c3a has improved. – Dizziness, autoimmunity , blurry vision (parasites)

Since dietary changes / improved vision / symptoms 60% resolved Highlight Quote:

“When you get the hyper reactivity to mold, it's nothing to play with.”


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