Rush Limbaugh Day in Mo, Covid Ends in April, Big Hoops Weekend, Baseball Miracle


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If Missouri Republicans get their way, every January 12 will be Rush Limbaugh Day in the Show Me state. Count me in. Of course, it's already being blasted by the left. So let this podcast serve as our call to action! The Wall Street Journal has published a piece about herd immunity and vaccinations and they run the math that Covid should be irrelevant in April. When you hear these numbers, you will agree. And spread the word because this thing needs to end. KU, MU and KSU all won in hoops Saturday. What? And it couldn't come at a better time as I'm started to get excited about college basketball. And a college baseball players stepped to the plate with the bases loaded in Florida for his first collegiate at bat. What happened over the next 14 minutes was a pure baseball miracle.

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