YESTalk-162 - Winning As A Single Mom - Interviews with the Best - Monique Howard


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How do you go from being a homeless single mom to a successful realtor with a 6-figure income?

Monique was a single working mom who wanted to have more time for her daughter. This desire and the huge income potential in real estate propelled her to shift to becoming an agent.

Leveraging on her past side hustle as a network marketer, she met a lot of investors and worked with them- buying and flipping houses- and invested in real estate herself.

When the economy crashed, so did her business.

Pulling herself up from business and relationship problems, Monique started working with Keller Williams and found herself making money again.

Things got even better when she signed up for the YESMasters 100-Day Challenge. Implementing Kevin’s no-B.S. approach to getting listings has doubled her income year after year. Being a member of the YESMasters Inner Circle has also given her more clarity on her goals.

Monique gets most of her business from Expired listings, investors she’s known in the past, and her Personal Circle (people she knows). Giving value to her social media followers by posting helpful videos gets her business as well. She believes in connecting- not selling- to create top of mind awareness in prospects.

Monique has certainly come a long way. Before, she was working to survive. Now, she’s working to win.

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