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You probably know that videos are very powerful. They get attention, help you gain trust, they can be perceived to be a higher value than the written word and of course get you traffic back to your website.

Do you know all the top places to submit a video?

By discovering all these different places you can leverage the work you already did to get more views, more traffic and more money for less work. Plus, it's not a good idea to depend on one place for traffic, because things can change.

Let's get going... One places that you can submit the exact same video that you did for Youtube is a place called DailyMotion.

This is what the website looks like. You can also simply copy all the information you used to create your Youtube video to make a Dailymotion video. The next very powerful place to submit your video is in Linkedin.

The power of Linkedin is that you can have 30,000 friends that are interested in your niche. You just have to make sure to always be growing your audience. The easiest way to do that is with the Linkedin app. You go to the search bar type in your target market, click people and 2nd and 3rd connections and starting adding people.

You can do 100 in the morning and 100 in the evening. Also make sure to manually upload your video, don't just link it to your YouTube video. It also helps if you own a domain name that passes the radio test.

This way you can tell people and they can manually type it in.

After Linkedin your Facebook account is another great place to submit a video. You can have a network of 5,000 friends and make sure to manually upload your video. Twitter is a places I've gotten tons of traffic from.

You can also link your YouTube video in your Tweet. One way to get followers is to follow 30 people in your niche every day. Then I use a tool called unfollowspy to unfollow around 20 people.

If your looking for a tool that automatically sends out Tweets I'm using Autotweets and it looks like this. It has gotten me a good amount of traffic. Next up is Pinterest. Yes you can pin your Youtube videos. One way to do that is with the Pinterest plugin. I use chrome and this is what the plugin looks like. I go to my video in Youtube and click on the Pinterest button.

If you have a blog then that is a great place to embed your video for more views. Linkedin articles and Medium are also great places to embed your video for more views.

Question and answer sites such as Quora is great as well. What you want to do with Quora is answer a question related to your video then post your video for more information. There is which is just like Quora. I just discovered this site myself, so I”m going to play around with it. There is Yahoo Questions.

With Yahoo questions what I've done is create 2 accounts. One account I'll ask a question then with the other account I'll answer the question and include a link to my video. Another unknown place to post your video is

This is a social sharing site that is very interesting. You invest in people like a stock and you help each other out.

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