Ryan Holiday on the Power of Stillness


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Bestselling author Ryan Holiday discusses his new book Stillness Is the Key, how he became the leading modern proponent of Stoicism, and why many people today misunderstand what it means to be a Stoic. He says ancient Greeks and Romans were every bit as distracted as we are today and reveals some of their secrets to ignoring the chaos and finding focus. He also shares how he finds silence and serenity in his own life and how his daily routine keeps him calm and prepared even on the most hectic of days. He discusses his definition of "stillness," how TV’s Mr. Rogers personified it, how Tiger Woods eventually attained it, and why President Donald Trump is the precise antithesis of it. We talk about our mutual love of Winston Churchill, how learning to see the world like an artist helped Churchill keep it together while freeing the world from tyranny, and why he once altered a priceless painting by Peter Paul Rubens.

Order Ryan Holiday's new book Stillness Is the Key on Amazon, Audible or wherever books are sold. Keep up with Ryan at www.ryanholiday.com and on Twitter at @RyanHoliday. Today’s episode was sponsored by BetterHelp online counseling, Avalara sales tax software, Kronos HR solutions, and Purotrader.com.

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