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Do Gena and Patrick stand a ghost of a chance talking about the entire Conjuring Cinematic Universe of films? Well grab your favorite cursed object and push play to find out as we talk about almost every film in the series - especially the latest entry, The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It. Along the way we discuss why the rents for storage units are so high where the Warrens live, which skeletons want hugs, introduce Law & Order: Special Ghouls Unit, talk Danzig cattle skulls, every demon's weakness to the power of love, and we have an intervention for Edgar Allen Poe. All this and we play Choose Your Own Haunt-venture, get tongue-tied over Patrick Wilson, and evoke a new rule: maybe ghosts shouldn’t have last names. It's a spook-tactular on Kill By Kill, people!! Never fear - new episodes of Kill By Kill are made available every other Friday! Dish By Dish: A Hannibal Rewatch on the Fridays in-between. Have something to say? Find us on Twitter @KillByKillPod Join the conversation about any episode on the Facebook Group! Follow us on IG @killbykillpodcast Check out the films we’ve covered & what might come soon on Letterboxd! Get even more episodes exclusively on Patreon! Follow our station on vurbl: Artwork by Josh Hollis: Kill By Kill theme by Revenge Body. For the full-length version and more great music, head to today!

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