Kimber & Co.–Lifestyle: Let's Chat...Real Talk, Real Topics, Not A lot of "Fanfare." explicit


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Hey! Join me as I share in open-dialogue with some stellar individuals, possessing a recipe for success, all of whom I have some sort of prior connection with. I have been very fortunate to know and work with some amazing people throughout my life. Kimber & Co. is a place for me to keep my skills relevant, while highlighting my circle of influence, all in an effort to be honest, real, humble and inspire! Lifestyle-centric, we will focus on things all of us sit around and talk about! I'll bring in people from my past, present and potential future, all of whom I know prior to the show. I am completely open to your ideas and comments and welcome any contribution you may have. It all matters in my world and we all put our pants on one leg at a time. Let's just keep this light and hold on tight.

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